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Why You Should Aspire to Inspire Others

How many people do we come into contact with every day? Think about it. You talk to your co-workers or classmates. You brush up against strangers from the clerk in the grocery store to the barista who made you that cup of coffee. We spend time with friends, or we go out and do things with the expectation of meeting new people. It’s probably safe to say that in a week, you've probably interacted with, at least on some level, a hundred people, most of whom you barely talked to at all.

But what if you were capable of taking those interactions deeper, to the level of something special and unique? What if you could inspire someone else and make a difference in their lives?

It's a powerful thought. Of course, you can’t change every interaction – it would be impossible to get anything done if you did. But when you stop to think about the value that you bring to the world, the things that you know and understand in ways that no one else does, there comes the point where you have to ask, what if you could share that with someone else?

In short, WHAT IF YOU COULD BE INSPIRING? It’s not as hard as you think. Here are four ways that will hopefully convince you that, yes, you should “aspire to inspire.

1. You can help someone realize their potential. Personal growth is a fascinating process. As you get to know people, you get to see them in their highs and lows. It’s where those lows occur where you can find an opportunity. A word of encouragement at the right time might be just what they need to labor on and overcome a challenge.

2. It’s life-changing – for both you and them. Personal growth culminates in those tremendous moments where you might be just the person to inspire someone to change their path entirely or to consider a course of action that they might not have before.

3. The world becomes a better place. OK, maybe this seems a little over the top, but think about it for a minute. That person you inspired might go on to encourage someone else. Or may build something or do something amazing. Imagine now that all of that started with YOU. Like ripples in a pond after a rock is thrown into the water, you never know just how far that influence will spread and what shore those ripples will eventually touch.

4. YOU change. Remember that you're not in it to see what you can get out of it. Inspiring others has a way of rewarding you with both personal fulfillment and growth. In the end, you’re not going to be the same person you were anymore. That kind of satisfaction comes with a unique special kind of happiness.

Aspiring to Inspire is a fantastic process. Give it a try – you'll be amazed at where you end up ❤️

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