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Soul Elements: Past Life Healing - C$137


All pricing in CAD$

What's Included:

   👐 Soul Elements: Past Life Healing including Programs & Past Life Links

   📚 Detailed Personal Report

   📖 Past Life Trauma eBook

   📖 Past Life Emotional Resonance (Program) eBook

Ever wondered why you feel the way you do especially when there is no apparent reason for those feelings? That fear of heights that haunts you, leaving your legs trembling uncontrollably. The fear of water, with strange 'memories' of drowning, keeping you far from the water's edge. How about when visiting a place for the first time, and that 'feeling' that you have been there before, and 'knowing' what's around the next corner? Why do you feel this way when there is no rational explanation? Could they be memories from past lives, trapped within your soul's energy field that is affecting the way you feel and what you believe?


I invite you to be open to the possibility that your past can be affecting your present life - creating not only fears but also limiting beliefs, only to suddenly be released once identified. 

I am sure that most of us have had that feeling of deja vu - that strange feeling that sweeps over us when visiting a place for the very first time - but somehow knowing it on a deep level, with no explanation as to why you feel that way. Past life memories can also create irrational fears and phobias. These incidences can cause:


  • Claustrophobia.

  • A fear of heights.

  • A fear of water.

  • A fear of fire etc. 

  • Weight issues.

As an example there are people who have issues with having anything around their neck, even refusing to wear a necklace. Why would someone feel that way and have such a strong reaction to something that is in reality quite harmless, when others feel nothing? 

Often times the memory of death or trauma in a past life can be so traumatic, that the body is unable to fully process the emotions at the time, and it gets stuck in your souls energy field, only to be carried over to multiple lifetimes. A past life where heartbreak was a theme, can leave you with feelings of being unworthy, or unlovable, and as such, can cause problems within current relationships - or a reluctance to even consider feeling close to anyone on a romantic level. 

Having experienced financial hardships in a past life can create a feeling of loss or a belief that abundance is unattainable.  Whereas living a life where possessions were given away, and a vow of poverty was taken due to a monastic existence, can create a feeling that money is in some way bad, and the root of all evil. When these themes are carried over to multiple lives, then the resonance can be amplified in this life, as they now have many layers of trauma and negative belief. Many past lives as a healer, or psychic, which could be fraught with peril in centuries gone by, can actually dull your psychic abilities in this life, as on an energetic level, having those abilities could be considered dangerous, and life-threatening. 

So I ask you to embrace the idea that what you could be struggling with now, could have its roots in a centuries-old experience, one that due to its severity has stuck with you. By becoming aware of those "memories" and letting them go, realizing that they are not a part of who you are anymore, and certainly do not serve you anymore, can allow you to step away from your past (and in some incidences - long past). ​Don't let your "past" affect your future - because if you let everything go, you are given a fresh start, and anything is possible. 

3 Pack = C$397 


"I would highly recommend Clare. She has helped me release so many blocks and I can say it changed my life in the best way possible. She is kind, caring and so wonderful to work with. She has your best intention at heart and will work with you to customize what will help you the most. I enjoyed working with her and will continue to in the future."


Clare Gray

When you sign up for a Soul Elements: Past Life Healing, if necessary, you will receive a complimentary Zoom session, where we can discuss the issues you are experiencing and schedule a time when the session is to take place. All consultations are done remotely without the need for your presence, and all findings will be emailed to you.

Any questions? Send me an email:

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"When I reached out to Clare, she began working on me that day and within four days my pain was completely gone. Not only was I pain-free, but I also felt a sense of joy and calmness I hadn’t experienced in some time."


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