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What's Included:

   👐 Trapped Emotions Clearing 

   📚 Detailed Personal Report

If you find it difficult letting go of negative emotions or are feeling blocked in any way, it could be because you are holding onto trapped emotions and are in need of restoring balance to your mind and body.

The Body is made of energy, and trapped emotions can cause imbalances in your body’s energy field. These imbalances can cause physical as well as emotional issues, and over time can have a negative influence on your energy, from feeling stuck emotionally, to discomfort and depression.

Holding onto these Trapped Emotions can have a negative influence on your thoughts and feelings. You can have difficulty feeling positive and have a lack of courage, which can hold you back, leaving you feeling unable to step out of your comfort zone and experience everything that life has to offer. Over time, they can also have a negative effect on your physical body.

Body Code Energy Clearing - C$127

12 Pack = C$1143 (12 sessions for the price of 9) 

6 Pack = C$635 (6 sessions for the price of 5) 

3 Pack = C$381 


All pricing in CAD$

Do you find yourself being triggered by certain issues, unable to shake off those feelings of hurt or betrayal for days if not months or even years after the event? The emotions you felt could be resonating with you on an energetic level and attracting even more of the same circumstances into your life.
Do you always seem to experience heartache, betrayal or other painful emotions, and ask yourself why these situations always seem to happen to you?


If you have experienced some type of trauma or been through an upsetting period in your life, your subconscious mind may have been unable to process and release the negative emotions that you felt. This may be due to the intensity of the experience, being fatigued or sick, or your inability to let go of the memory of upsetting events. When this happens, the emotions literally get trapped within the body, creating a profoundly negative effect.
The release of these Trapped Emotions can leave you feeling “lighter” as well as happier, and ready to experience life to the fullest, releasing you from the cycle of emotional pain that you have previously experienced. You can now feel more empathy and have a deeper sense of peace and love in your life.

"Clare has helped me and my family with energy healings, and every time I am so surprised by how much this has helped. I immediately feel a difference and I would highly recommend Clare and her love for what she does is so obvious by the healing that one receives. SO POWERFUL"


Clare Gray

When you sign up for a Body Code Energy Clearing, if necessary, you will receive a complimentary Zoom session, where we can discuss the issues you are experiencing and schedule a time when the session is to take place. All consultations are done remotely without the need for your presence, and all findings will be emailed to you.


Any questions? Send me an email:

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Body Code Energy Clearing

☏ Unsure What to Get? Free Discovery Call with Clare!

If you have any questions about the various programs and how Emotion/Body Code Energy Healing can help please contact me for a free 15-minute discovery call on Zoom where we can discuss your issues and find the best solution that will work for you.

Thanks for sending. I will contact you shortly.

"Clare has the most beautiful heart for helping people and will pull out every tool in her toolkit to do so! Her Emotion Code sessions are incredibly accurate- down to the age and person involved with the emotional issue stored in the body. She then gets to work to release the energy that’s trapped. I did have a great emotional release the day after our session. Clare not only works on people, but pets too! I highly recommend her."


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