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A Winning Mind
Habits For A Happier Life
A Winning Mind Habits For A Happier Life

Not feeling well? Kind of blah and wishing you had something better to say about the day than a mumbled ‘fine’ when someone asks you how you are? The solution might be simpler than you think.

Awaken Your
Inner Brilliance
Awaken Your Inner Brilliance

Free yourself from the shackles of ‘must try harder’ by remembering to stop and appreciate what you already have in your life. Here are some tips to help free you from the cycle of discontent.

Dealing With Stress
And Anxiety
Dealing With Stress And Anxiety

Nothing can hold you back quite like stress. Unfortunately, stressors are everywhere. Even a small amount can severely impact your ability to perform. It’s important to learn how to deal with your stress effectively.

Sustainable Goals
Creating Sustainable Goals

Most people, when they want to achieve something, whether it's losing weight, eating healthy or getting fit are so fixated on the outcome, that they forget that everything in life is a journey, and in some cases, a very long journey.

The Beginners Guide
To Meditation
The Beginners Guide To Meditation

If you’ve never meditated before, or maybe tried but gave up, we hope this guide will help you to enjoy becoming part of the global community who enjoy the benefits of meditation as part of their everyday lives.

Food And Inflammation Time To Fight Back
Food And Inflammation Time To Fight Back

Recent awareness is growing about the connection between chronic inflammation and many serious health conditions, including diabetes, heart disease, cancer, arthritis, fatigue, and depression. Here's how you can fight it.

Sleep Better
Improve Your Zzzzz's
Sleep Better Improve Your Zzzzz's

Would you believe that approx., 30% of North Americans are regularly sleep deprived and knowing how important sleep is to your overall health, is an issue that you should not ignore.

Gut Health
Rebalance Your Body
Gut Health Rebalance Your Body

If your health is less than perfect most people never consider the importance of gut health. There’s a lot more going on in your system than just digesting food, absorbing nutrients, and eliminating waste.

The Magic Of
The Magic Of Mindfulness

In order to achieve the inner peace that mindfulness can bring us, it’s important to consider what the practice of mindfulness actually is. Mindfulness is experiencing and focusing on the present moment.

Just The Facts
Inflammation Just The Facts

Have you been experiencing fatigue or low energy? Do you have brain fog? Do you find that you get sick easily or have trouble sleeping? Are you prone to frequent headaches or stomach aches?

Meditation - The Link To Energy And Greater Confidence
Meditation - The Link To Energy And Greater Confidence

Meditation is a safe and effective way to strengthen any emotion or skill. This guide will give you an explanation of how meditation can give you more confidence and vitality.

The Buddha Jar
The Buddha Jar CookBook

In this hectic life, it’s more important than ever to eat a balanced diet. In the Buddha Jar, I try to give you ideas for quick and easy nutritious meals and snacks that you can enjoy in your busy life.

Your Brain On
Your Brain On Meditation

Recently, there’s been some fascinating research into how practicing meditation can actually make positive changes to your brain’s structure. The results were astonishing.

Reprogramming Your Subconscious Mind
Reprogramming Your Subconscious Mind

Your subconscious mind has immense power in controlling your life experiences: from the types of food you eat to the actions you take each day and even how you react to stressful situations.

To Lose Weight
Meditation To Lose Weight

If you're experiencing difficulty losing weight, then meditation can be an effective complement to your diet and exercise regime. Learn how some simple practices can help you manage your weight.

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