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What's Included:

   ❤️ Heart Wall Clearing

   ❤️ Heart Resilience Balance

   😍 Self-Love Balance

   📚 Detailed Personal Report

Your heart's electromagnetic field is 60 to 1000 times larger than that of your brain – clearing your Heart Wall is literally like setting your heart free! And the Heart is an amazing organ and sends more signals to the brain than the other way around, constantly sending messages to your body – think of it like a brain within your heart which can affect your emotional as well as physical health.

Medical research has shown that there are profound positive effects when we feel love for someone else – but that beneficial effect can also be felt when you are loved by someone else. This effect can also be felt at a distance, which is pretty magical when you think about it.

Heart Wall Clearing - C$111


All pricing in CAD$

The heart also has a memory, which allows us to understand why transplant recipients can experience a change in food cravings or a newfound passion for a sport that had never interested them before the transplant. The memories of who we are, are literally stored inside our organs.

When we go through trauma or negative experiences throughout our lives, our subconscious mind feels the need to create a barrier around our hearts as protection against emotional pain. This barrier is made up of layer upon layer of Trapped Emotions and is called a Heart Wall.


The Heart Wall stops us from feeling positive emotions, as well as feeling disconnected from others. You can feel stuck in your comfort zone, lacking courage and inspiration. But along with the emotional toll it takes on you, you can also have issues with fatigue, lowered immune function, raspatory issues and pain in your neck and shoulders.

Negative emotions mess up the neural signals from the heart to the brain, which will inhibit cognitive function, create issues in focusing, reasoning and trouble learning and will also affect our ability to process emotions. This inability to release the Trapped Emotions makes it easier to trap them, and so you end up with a vicious cycle.  

Releasing your Heart Wall can have a freeing effect on you – allowing you to connect with others in a way that you hadn’t been able to before. It leads to healthy cognitive function, greater emotional stability, a profound empathy with those you meet, and a heart that feels the love on a deeper level – to put it simply – HAPPIER!

"From our first session together, I learned that I had a lot of Heart Walls. Intuitively, I knew my heart was blocked, however, I didn't understand the impact this was having on my life. I worked with Clare and not only did she completely remove them all, she also cleared away my past life root causes. After my sessions, I noticed an immediate difference and I have had an abundance of wealth, love, connection and success come in for me."


Clare Gray

When you sign up for a Heart Wall Clearing, if necessary, you will receive a complimentary Zoom session, where we can discuss the issues you are experiencing and schedule a time when the session is to take place. All consultations are done remotely without the need for your presence, and all findings will be emailed to you.

Any questions? Send me an email:

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If you have any questions about the various programs and how Emotion/Body Code Energy Healing can help please contact me for a free 15-minute discovery call on Zoom where we can discuss your issues and find the best solution that will work for you.

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“At a time when the world has been through turmoil, we have truly realized the importance of holistic healing. This program ticks every box for me in my search for a tool to improve my physical and mental health. Can’t say enough good things about it. It’s amazing!


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