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Letters From Your Soul - Video Replay

Missed it or want to relive the moments? Fret not. We've got you covered with a replay of the Webinar. Watch below or directly on YouTube at

Dear Brilliant Soul,

Ania and I want to express our heartfelt gratitude for joining us in yesterday’s webinar, "Letters from Your Soul!" Your presence truly made a difference, and we are honored to have had you with us.

I also tapped into the collective consciousness of our group get-together yesterday, and this was the message for everyone: “The Divine just popped in where he wanted to be. The “O” in God was replaced with the “Self” – reminding us of the sunrise that gives birth to each new day.”

We also had the privilege of “The Legions of Light” holding space for us while we worked together. Archangel Michael heads up the mighty force known as "The Legion of Light," which consists of many beings of light that bring protection, healing, and guidance for us, both at an individual and cosmic level, which has been confirmed by the message!

You may have felt very tired after the webinar, and that is their healing in action. Please drink lots of water and be gentle on yourself. Go outside for a walk or sit outside in nature, and you can practice the grounding exercise we did together.

As we shared the power of words and the transformative impact they can have on our lives, we couldn't help but notice your enthusiasm and eagerness to unlock more of your inner harmony. And now, we have an exciting opportunity just for you!

To show our appreciation, we would like to extend a special gift from us to you. Join the Brilliance Collective, absolutely FREE for 30 days! This exclusive membership will take you on a remarkable journey of mind-transformation and connection.

Within The Brilliance Collective, you will find a supportive community of like-minded individuals who are passionate about personal growth and self-discovery. Through hypnosis journeys, inspiring discussions, and valuable resources, you will be empowered to unleash your full potential.

We invite you to join us next Sunday Oct 1st, at 7pm PST, to travel to a Past Life, and I will connect to find a message for the group. If you would like a message, I will connect to the unique frequency of your highest consciousness to find a message for you also.

Register here:

So why wait? Take this opportunity to embark on a path toward self-realization and personal empowerment. Join us in The Brilliance Collective today!

Thank you once again for being an integral part of our webinar. We look forward to witnessing your brilliant transformation within the collective.

With warm regards, Ania & Clare.

Your Harmonic Crew.

Learn more about how PSYCH-K and the Body Code can help you at

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