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MysticMag Interview - Exploring Energy Healing with Clare Gray

I had the great fortune recently to be interviewed for MysticMag, a review website that is dedicated to helping people like you find the very best in spiritual services. You can read my interview at their Blog via this link and I have included the Q&A below for you to read. Added Bonus for me... if you go to their website to read it, you can give me a rating (hopefully 5 ⭐ at the bottom of the article). Thank you ❤️

Clare Gray is an energy healer and intuitive practitioner who discovered her calling after her own health struggles led her to explore alternative healing modalities. With expertise in Emotion Code and Body Code, Heart Wall Clearing, past life healing, and energy meditations, Clare empowers individuals to tap into their subconscious mind and create transformative change. Learn more about her journey, the power of energy healing, and her book “Your Time To Fly”, in the newest edition of MysticMag interviews.

Can you please introduce yourself to our readers and share a few details about your professional beginnings?

Hi, I’m Clare Gray, and like many, my voyage into energy healing began with my own struggle for health. No more answers from mainstream doctors, just an unyielding intuition that told me there had to be another way. I had never considered myself psychic in the traditional sense, but as a child, I had a peculiar sense of connection to the cosmos, with inexplicable visions of space travel facilitated by a disk implanted in my shoulder – I knew on a deep level that I was here for a reason but could never put my finger on what that “thing” was, but it marked the starting point of my healing journey.

My own health issues started early. A birth trauma led to me being diagnosed with asthma at age 2, and by the time I was 27, I was suffering from bouts of bronchitis and pneumonia literally every other month. My doctor told me my lungs were probably damaged. But something in me refused to accept this diagnosis.

My journey started when I was introduced to “New Method Kinesiology.” My first session was the pivotal moment that changed my life. The healer, who later became my teacher, used muscle testing to connect with my subconscious, uncovering long-buried memories to find what the core issue was. He dived deep into my childhood, unearthing the years of bullying I had endured, which I had long accepted as “normal.”

However, not every healing happens instantly. Often, we need time to process, to allow the traumas to surface and dissipate. That’s what happened to me. After a few days, a trivial comment from my mother sparked an eruption of rage within me. In that explosion, all I remember was the realization that the traumas I had experienced as a child had either contributed to or caused my health issues.

After the storm passed, I woke up to a newfound sense of peace, a sign that the trauma had been released. That was my breakthrough – and from that moment started my journey to become a qualified Applied Kinesiologist, and in later years, that led to becoming certified in The Emotion Code and Body Code – Finally, I had a mission and a purpose, and I knew what I wanted to do with my life.

What are the principles behind Emotion/Body Code healing?

The Emotion Code and Body Code are two types of energy healing modalities that were developed by Dr. Bradley Nelson. They are based on the fact that our bodies are made of energy and that imbalances in this energetic environment, most often caused by emotions, can result in physical issues. The trapped emotions are generated by the organs and glands in response to trauma, stress and negative thoughts and experiences. They can become trapped in the body if they are not fully expressed or processed, causing you to become stuck in an emotional cycle, creating limiting beliefs as well as pain and illness.

Often a present-day health issue has a root cause in something that happened to you many years previously or may have started before you were born. It could even be something passed down from your ancestors. This means that a traumatic event from hundreds of years ago could still be affecting you by creating negative beliefs or the energy of an illness that wasn’t fully released. Your subconscious knows everything about you and all your past experiences. By tapping into this resource, we can find a link between your current problem and the original trauma that triggered it. Then, once that connection is made, it can be released, and you can begin to heal.

What is Heart Wall Clearing and how does it work?

A Heart Wall is made of a group of trapped emotions (known as Heart Wall Emotions) that the subconscious mind uses to surround the heart as a protective response. The subconscious, in its wisdom, feels that the heart needs protection due to emotional traumas, and the only thing at its disposal is the energy of the trapped emotions. These multiple trapped emotions create an energetic wall around the heart in an attempt to create a protective barrier, but in actual fact, it creates an imbalance keeping you disconnected from those around you.

A Heart Wall can be made up of emotions from any time in your life and can also be inherited, passed down from generation to generation, and can cause you to feel disconnected from others, lonely, sad, anxious, and unmotivated. You may also feel overly “triggered” by certain situations and not understand why and find it difficult to shake off these feelings. Physical symptoms such as neck and shoulder discomfort may be present.

When all the emotions have been removed, the Heart Wall is gone, and it has the effect of freeing your heart – allowing love to flow. Setting your heart free can have a profound impact on your life. Once the Heart Wall has been cleared, I also work on building the heart’s resilience by making the statement “I love and accept myself on all levels” and clearing anything that is not in harmony with that statement.

What other Energy Healing modalities do you use?

Over many years and countless clients, it became apparent that some of the issues we deal with cannot be found at any point during our life or even traced back through our lineage within our family’s DNA. One particular client I was working with had a profound issue around guilt. I asked her subconscious to direct me to the root of the issue, and was taken back several thousand years. There were approximately 6 past life instances where guilt was experienced and trapped – referred to as “Past Life Links” and all I had to do was clear the first one (the oldest one), and all the rest just dissolved into the ether.

I then focused on becoming a Soul Realignment practitioner, and with this combined knowledge, I was led to create my own past life healing modality, called “Soul Elements – Past Life Healing,” which goes deep into the lifetime that is at the root of a specific problem, and clear the imbalances within that life that started the issue. I work with over 400 emotions and beliefs, and with these, I can get a good understanding of what your soul experienced in that life, as well as prevent the self-defeating cycle from recurring.

What can you tell me about Energy Meditations?

My Energy Meditations contains specially crafted music and sound effects to both relax and inspire you. Also embedded quietly within the meditation is an affirmation soundtrack that you cannot hear on a conscious level, but your subconscious can hear, invoking healing energy to help you Connect to Your True Potential.

When your mind is in a meditative state – in an Alpha or Theta brain wave state, your subconscious mind becomes programmable to new positive beliefs. Using this brain wave state, a new belief that you are healed, and the healing has already taken place is heard by the subconscious and is taken as a truth. Whatever the subconscious mind believes, it will then strive to create a reality around that belief.

Is there anything else about your work that you’d like to share that we haven’t covered?

With years of working with the subconscious mind and how it’s actually at the helm of your life, steering your choices and outcomes, I wanted to be able to share with people what power and possibilities they have at their fingertips. So many people struggle with their lives, whether it is due to lack, relationship issues, or health – wondering when things will ever change, not realizing that it was their subconscious mind – or, more accurately, the beliefs that were stored in the subconscious that has created their lives. Understanding that they had the power to create their life will open their eyes to realize that by changing their beliefs, they can change their lives. They no longer have to be a victim to perceived outside forces – that they can now take control. Because of this passion, I have written a book called, “Your Time To Fly”, soon to be available in the Amazon Kindle and Apple book stores.

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