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Releasing Trapped Emotions are not just for people. Animals also benefit from releasing emotions that they are unable to express other than in their behaviour.

Where emotions are concerned, animals are no different from us.

They have feelings and can trap negative emotions in just the same way that we do, and the more domesticated the animal, the larger the range of emotions that they feel. Even though they can’t tell you in words how they feel, they find a way in their behaviour to let you know that something is wrong.

Animals are so sensitive that they can not only pick up your energy, but it is very common for them to absorb emotions that you or your family are feeling, especially in times of crisis.

Though it must be stated that releasing trapped emotions from your pet is no substitute for training, there could be trapped emotions that are blocking your pet from understanding your commands and causing aggravation within them.

Releasing trapped emotions from your pet can not only help your pet become more trainable but also build a better relationship between yourself and your pet. If your pet has behavioural problems, then they can benefit from an Animal Emotion Code clearing.

Energy Healing for Animals

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  • What's Included:

    • Energy Healing for Animals

    • Detailed Personal Report

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