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The Body Realignment Program addresses and clears those pain points making it easier to stick to your diet plan with less effort. In this program, I will be working directly with you and focussing on releasing energetic imbalances, negative trapped emotions, and feelings of guilt that are conspiring to keep you stuck in a loop of never-ending diets, helping you stay 100% focused on your weight loss plan. It works by removing the triggers overwhelming the emotions that make you feel stressed resulting in you falling off your diet. Clearing all of this allows you to stick to your chosen weight loss program, giving you a better chance of success and reaching your goals.

4-Week Body Realignment Program

Excluding GST/HST
  • What the Body Realignment Program includes:

    • Introductory personal 1-to-1 Zoom call with me to identify your unique issues and challenges, plus answer any questions you may have about the Program.
    • A weekly Email Feedback form to review your progress during the previous week.
    • A weekly personalized Emotion/Body Code clearing with a full written report detailing what emotions have been cleared.
    • A personalized Food Sensitivities Report detailing which foods you should avoid.
    • A Food Substitution report to help you stop eating the unhealthy foods you must avoid.
    • A special Body Realignment Journal to help track your progress day by day.
    • A unique Breathwork Session with Daniela exclusive for the Body Realignment Program.
    • Weekly Newsletters providing guidance, support and motivation with articles on health, weight loss, and wellness.
    • eBooks to download on health and food-related subjects.
    • The Buddha Jar Cookbook full of my own personal healthy recipies.
    • Meditations to help you relax and reduce stress to improve focus.
    • And much more...
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