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A 2-Week Continuation Program Helping You with your Weight Loss journey.

2-Week Extended Body Realignment

Excluding GST/HST
  • What the Body Realignment Program includes:

    • Introductory personal 1-to-1 Zoom call with me to identify your unique issues and challenges, plus answer any questions you may have about the Program.
    • A weekly 1-to-1 Zoom call to discuss your progress during the previous week.
    • A weekly personalized Emotion/Body Code clearing with a full written report detailing what emotions have been cleared.
    • A personalized Food Sensitivities Report detailing which foods you should avoid.
    • A Food Substitution report to help you stop eating the unhealthy foods you must avoid.
    • A special Body Realignment Journal to help track your progress day by day.
    • A unique Breathwork Session with Daniela exclusive for the Body Realignment Program.
    • Weekly Newsletters providing guidance, support and motivation with articles on health, weight loss, and wellness.
    • eBooks to download on health and food-related subjects.
    • The Buddha Jar Cookbook full of my own personal healthy recipes.
    • Meditations to help you relax and reduce stress to improve focus.
    • And much more...
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